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Professional Presentations Skills Workshop (2-day)

Professional Presentation Skills is a powerful communication approach for all leaders. Leaders who have Professional Presentation Skills will gain advantage of business and career growing because they can influence others which could be the internal or external customers to support them. The program was designed logically and naturally to make the participants become able to plan their powerful presentation that meets their specific goal and audience’s need.

Apart from planning, the participants will have variety of opportunities to learn and practice using of eye contact, body languages, use of voices, use of languages, and audience interaction for delivery of memorable presentation. As the results of step by step practicing of planning and delivering, participants will find themselves has been developed and incredibly transformed to be a good professional presenter during attending the program.

Program Agenda:


Part 1: Audience-Centre Presentation Concept

1.1  The advantage of being a very good presenter

1.2  Clarifying of Professional Presentation definition

1.3   Introducing to Audience-Focused Presentation

1.4   Presentation Component and Process

Part 2: Presentation Planning

Begin with opening activity: Participants conduct presentation as assigned issue.

2.1 Formulate Presentation Objective (each participant will bring his own situation for practicing in formulating objective)

  • Criteria for formulating presentation
  • How to formulate presentation objective

2.2 Audience Analyzing (Each participant will bring his own situation for practicing in analyzing the audiences

Analyze the audiences in both basic and deep aspects:

  • Who are the key persons (decision maker, influencer)
  • Audience’s background of knowledge, experience, belief, value, liking, and learning style
  • Competition
  •  Organizational and personal needs
  • Audience’s needs, interests and expectations
  • Audience’s feelings and emotions
  •  Audience problems and concerns

2.3 Structure of Presentation Contents (Each participant practices to create presentation structure by using his real situation)

  • Selecting the needs of the audiences
  • Identifying presentation essences / key issues
  • Identifying supported information
  • Creating Transition Statement
  • Creating Closing Statement
  • Creating Opening Statement

Each participant practices to create Structure of Presentation and gain feedbacks from trainer and other participants.


Part 3: Presentation Delivery

  • Eye Contact, Body Languages, Gestures, Facial Expression, Movement, Postures, Use of Languages, Use of Voices
  • Audience Interaction
  • Use of Visual Aids

Each participant will practice periodically and gain feedbacks from trainer and other participants.

Program Objectives:

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to…

  • Understand and be able to apply Professional Presentation Skills that focuses on audience needs and interests.
  • Formulate presentation objective that is crystal clear to be used as presentation direction and to make presentation becomes powerful. 
  • Analyze the audiences in the areas of background, thinking, and emotions in order to create convincing, persuading, and motivating presentation contents.
  • Organize presentation structure that is powerful and related to audience needs and interests.
  • Create presentation content that is convincing and organized logically and sequentially to meet audiences / customers’ needs.   
  • Deliver powerful presentation through using of eye contacts, body languages, voices and languages which are convincing, persuading, and encouraging the audiences / customers to buy-in and make decision to support as the defined goal.
  • Select appropriate set of presentation tools and visual aids that support the presenter to be able to deliver effective and successful presentation with care, confident, and professional manners.

 Program Activities:

Pre-work, Group Coaching, Brainstorming, Discussing, Exercises, Practice, Giving Feedback, Video Taping



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