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Professional Coaching Skills (2 Days)

Program Overview:

Coaching is a significant approach for people development today. As the result of business high competition, creating of business competitive advantage is greatly important. ‘People’ are the most critical factor for success, people create business differentiation. Coaching will help people develop and grow continuously within shorter period of time. As a coach is a mirror that reflects the truth about people in deeper dimension of thinking and feeling, a person / coachee can be able to understand themselves and situations more clearly. Coaching also helps create their self-awareness of true need, goal, and then to find the ways to achieve that goal, as well as to overcome any kinds of challenges. Without having a Coach, the person alone might not be able develop themselves in specific areas or develop very slowly, and only training cannot help create sustainable and evident growth like Coaching can.

Coaching is a people development approach that creates high impacts. Coaching can be conducted as One-on-One or Group. Professional Coaching Skill Program is designed for anyone who wants to be a Professional Coach. All levels of management are recommended to attend this intensive 2 day workshop program. The content of this program is universal and align with International Coach Federation Guideline. This program is also conducted by Executive Coach, Sirirat Siriwan, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) International Coach Federation and Results Certified Coach (RCC), NeuroLeadership Group.

Program Outline: 

1.     Why Coaching is so important?

·       Business challenges and impacts on organization, departments, leaders, and employees

·       Why everyone needs to have Coach?

2.     Coaching Foundation

·       Coaching definition

·       The differences among Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching, Consulting

·       Coaching paradigm, fact, and illusion

·       The dimension of human needs

·       Coaching and brain

3.     Opening the coaching door

·       Proactive Leadership Model

·       Using curiosity for self-coaching

·       Coaching Process

4.     3 Critical Coaching Skills

·       Powerful Questioning

·       Deep Listening

·       Clarifying

5.     Coaching for Goal and Strategy Setting

·       Clearing Space before Coaching

·       Imagination of picture of the goal

·       Developing of 1 sentence goal

·       Developing strategies and action

·       Coaching on action implementation

6.     Coaching for developing / Coaching on Dilemma

·       Identify situations for Coaching for developing / Coaching on dilemma.

·       Coach to help coachee understand current realities.

·       Coach to help coachee be able to realize what he / she really want.

·       Coach to help coachee identify options and action plan.

7.     Provide guideline for group coaching

·       Coaching guideline

·       Coaching method


After completion of the program, participants will be able to…

·       Clearly understand the difference between coaching and other development approaches.

·       Clearly understand that coaching needs to focus on developing of people thinking, not behavior.

·       Utilize their curiosity to coach self and others.

·       Realize the power of mind emptiness before and during conducting of coaching conversation.

·       Use Coaching Skill as a tool for people and organization development.

·      Learn and practice coaching skill program that was designed based on the principle of International Coaching Federation    that can be utilized for developing of different types of characters of coachees.

·    Use coaching skill for unleashing of people potentials, to make them understand the cause of problem, and use their intellectual and intuition to find the answers by themselves.

·     Use coaching skill to create people self-awareness of the truth, visualize their goal, and seek out options, and identify actions to achieve that goal.

Training Methodologies:

Group Coaching, Brainstorming, Discussing, Demonstration, Case Studies, Role Play, Giving Feedback



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